If you are reading this, that means you too are feeling guilty about not being able to offer God a few minutes of time from your busy schedule. Here the writer will discuss a few ways to pray daily without compromising your responsibilities.

A quick Google-ing with search terms like Daily Devotions will reveal hundreds of websites and books on the subject. Why? Many reasons are possible, but one is undoubted that you are not alone in striving to keep to a routine pattern of daily devotions and are seeking for an answer how to keep aside few minutes for the Lord. Every Christian is looking for a model of prayer, a way of doing quiet time, which will fulfill their wish, keep them disciplined and motivated, and surely fit into the routine of their daily lives without losing any part of a busy schedule or compromising sleep.

It’s believed that everyone among us is competent of setting aside enough time for a prolific quiet time every day when the truth is far from it. Many have contacted devotional websites like Daily Impact Devotional and for diverse reasons simply cannot manage daily devotions or find known ways unhelpful. They not only feel genuinely sinful, but they also assume that their connection with God is being stunted, that they are becoming unspiritual and ‘not a proper Christian anymore.’

But you don’t have to stay in a second-class link with God. There is hope because doing daily devotions is really not the only way to maintain an intimate and significant relationship with God.

Throughout Christian history, there have been religious writers with closeness to God, and those writers have examined the way our relationship with Him goes. Many of those have realized that our association with God does not rely upon giving an exact amount of time set aside each day or getting specifically the right religious commentary. It’s a constant connection with an ever-present God, and both parts of the description mentioned above are meaningful.

Now it is evident that quiet-time management techniques are going round in your head, with ways like tuning up orchestras, giving quality time to God, reciting your favourite prayers while traveling and many such ideas, but the truth is, Christ, said, “I am with you always.” The word “always” actually means “always.” He won’t mind if you can’t manage half-an-hour of bleary-eyed and yawning prayer. He is with you every single moment of your day, which means, every minute of the day is quality time with God. You can ask for guidance at any moment, and a moment of prayer can have all the effectiveness of a half-hour calm time.

It’s an idea that’s been examined by writers Thomas R Kelly in “A Testament of Devotion.” One thing you can learn by reading spiritual books is you don’t need to give up the idea of being a devoted just because you do practice daily devotions. You are always having a close relationship with God.